Ron Saxen is the author of The Good Eater (New Harbinger Publications). Ron has appeared on national TV and radio shows throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Ron’s most recent work appeared in Glamour, Glamour UK, and the German edition of Myself magazine. Ron is currently partnering with another writer (until and unless she shoots him) on a mainstream/suspense novel.

Ron was a former model, comedian, comedy writer, cigar salesman, life insurance salesman, heavy equipment salesman, retail manager, Marine Corps Officer Candidate, hay stacker, fruit picker, chicken butcher, pesticide tester, door to door peanut seller, and yes, twice worked at McDonalds.

Ron was born on the island of Guam, before moving to the island of Adak (Alaska), before moving to the island of Luzon (Philippines), before finally moving to California; which Ron firmly believes will one day break apart and become an island.

Ron has a degree in business and most of a masters in history–falling in lust and in love got in the way.

Ron has enjoyed volunteering at the local school district as a writer coach and his love of travel has taken him to Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, Iceland, Alaska, and many places in between. He is currently living and laughing with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area.