Photo Gallery

Looking and feeling pretty
(Victoria, British Columbia

My big shot movie producer sister reminding us that she is and we’re not
(London, England)

Hey, I’m over HERE…behind the camera
(Napa, California)

Love the hat, hate the watering and the fertilizing
(Cooperstown, New York)

Leslie showing what will happen if I continue to drink too much beer
(London Zoo)

Getting our marriage license.
(Napa, California)

Leslie trying to put on a good face after discovering that the
admission to Mount Vernon doesn’t actually allow us to “stay”
at George’s house

Never been good at sharing cookies
(Cooperstown, New York)

Picking up on Leslie
(Fire Island, New York)

Tasting at Francis Ford Coppola’s Rubicon–
arranged by our good friend Filippo
(Napa, California)